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Center of Assistive Technology

Center of Assistive Technology is part of the Health and Care Administration in Copenhagen. 100 citizens get technical aids from us daily.

Procurement, delivery and repair of assistive technology

We handle tenders and procurements. We deliver, repair and recycle technical aids. And we make layout and interior design and case administration.

Knowledge on Assistive and Welfare Technology

We advise local citizens, social workers and other partners on issues of assistive technology, consumer goods and housing facilities. We teach caregivers, therapists, caseworkers, social workers and other partners. We have two permanent exhibitions : one especially for the citizens, the other especially for caregivers.

A workplace with very different skills

We are 80 employees. Most of us are: Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, technicians, tradesmen, carpenters, warehouse workers and caseworkers.

Danish law and Assistive Technology

The focal point is to ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities for people with disabilities alongside other citizens.  Assistance is granted without regarding the person's financial situation. It is a basic democratic right to get the assistance one need for being able to function and participate in society. Support measures must, as far as possible, be financed via the tax system.

Further information

Please find our catalogue in English here.